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The research described in this thesis was carried out in the Computer Graphics & CAD/CAM group at Delft University of Technology. This research made use of the Responsive Workbench facility, which was installed at the High Performance Applied Computing Center (HPaC) at TU Delft in summer 1998. The Workbench was intended to serve as a high performance visualization system, working in a cluster with the other HPaC supercomputers.

Workbench overview


These VR projects were directly supervised by Frits Post. The Molecular Dynamics visualization case study has been conducted in close co-operation with the Computational Physics group (Faculty of Applied Sciences, TU Delft) with supervision assistance of Loek Bakker.
The visualization of atmospheric data, originating from cumulus clouds simulations, has been performed together with the Thermal and Fluids Sciences group (Faculty of Applied Sciences, TU Delft), thanks to Harm Jonker.
One of the early projects (Section 6.1 of the thesis) was an interactive 3D visualization of the flooding risk simulations, provided by WL|Delft Hydraulics.

A number of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students has participated in the VR research projects. The MolDRIVE system (Section 6.2 of the thesis) has been developed in co-operation with: Gerwin de Haan, Jeroen van Hees, and Jeroen den Hertog. MolDRIVE applications were provided by: Jaap Flohil - Gromacs simulation of proteins, Robert H.F. Chung - DEMMPSI simulation of electrolytes.
Van Hees and den Hertog worked mainly on implementation of an interface between MD simulations and VEs.
De Haan worked on visualization techniques of MD data in VEs. De Haan has also significantly contributed to the development of the interactive exploration techniques and the VRX toolkit, which was successfully used in the third case study (Section 6.3 of the thesis).
Further, Michel Brinckman has worked on the user-assisted tracking of clouds in the third case study.

Visual Force Feedback with Spring Manipulation Tools

Spring manipulation tools: spring, spring-fork,
spring-probe, and spring manipulator.

You don't actually feel the force, but you clearly see it.

Flooding Visualization in VEs

Interactive visualization of flooding scenarios on the Virtual Workbench.

Interaction in Virtual Environments

Direct 3D interaction, object selection, manipulation, constraints, and collisions;
navigation, interaction with visualization tools


Visualization and computational steering of remotely running real-time MD simulations.
Applications: electrolyte and protein studies.

Virtual Reality eXplorer (VRX)

Application of this basic Workbench visualization toolkit on various case studies...

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