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Overview on the Responsive Workbench; the user is performing two-handed exploration of data; he is using the PlexiPad and the stylus

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Demonstration of navigation in MD visualization in MolDRIVE system; shows a crystal structure of Beta-Alumina electrolyte; adjustment of atomic size, zooming and navigation using the mini system; real-time MD simulation provided by DEMMPSI (seen from RWB Simulator)

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(seen from the Responsive Workbench)

(2.8 MB)

ZOOM tool: the user is zooming in/out from a given point of interest; real-time MD simulation of Beta-Alumina electrolyte;

(3.6 MB)

ROI tool: the user selects a region of interest where the particles remain visible; real-time MD simulation of Beta-Alumina electrolyte;

(2.0 MB)

Direct data slicer attached to the PlexiPad in left hand; the right hand performs navigation

(1.4 MB)

Demonstration of click_iso-surface tool; PlexiPad provides a reference plane for point probing

(5 MB)

Visualization of cloud field simulation; direct vector-data slicer shows air velocity colored with vertical velocity; point-based real-time volume rendering shows liquid water, alias visible clouds; the user is performing navigation and is adjusting parameters of the direct data slicer on the PlexiPad, color-mapper and arrow size;

(1.6 MB)

Demonstration of particle steering using the Spring Manipulator with data slicer showing the potential field around the particle; shows Beta-Alumina electrolyte with only Na+ ions visible.

(2.5 MB)

(as above)

(3.2 MB)

Spring Manipulator used for particle steering of protein fragment; real-time MD simulation provided by GROMACS

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